Friday, March 2, 2012

Do you know Who I know?

In several of my posts I've mentioned my faith in Jesus.  Today as I was grieving with and for my family it occurred to me that I've spoken of my peace and hope, but I've never shared with my readers how to obtain it.

First of all, there's no trick or rain dance you have to do.  Nothing more is required of you than sincere words from a sincere and contrite heart.  Asking Jesus to be your Savior is so simple a child can do it.  (Matthew 19:14)  In fact, I'll share with you my story of coming to Jesus.

At the age of six I began asking my mother questions about asking Jesus into my heart.  I had the privilege of being raised in church.  I also have a mother who talked with me and answered my questions about death and Heaven.  She taught me that the only way to get to Heaven is by asking Jesus to come into my heart.  January 10, 1991, I was eating supper with my family.  At the table I decided I was ready to ask Jesus to be my Savior.  My mother asked me to wait until after supper, and I told her, "No, Mama.  I want to do it NOW."  And sitting at our table, with Jessica in a high chair, my mother led me in prayer.  Yes, it was a simple prayer, but it was oh so sincere.  I knew that I was a sinner and that I needed (and still need) a Savior.  Lucky for me (and you) God sent His Son to die for our sins .  I was baptized January 13, 1991, at South Thompson Baptist Church just outside Vidalia, Georgia.

That said, baptism is not required to be a Christian.  (In Greek "Christian" means "little Christ."  Christians are followers of Christ.)  It is a public showing of our faith and trust in Jesus as our Savior.

Now, the meat and potatoes of it:

Are you a sinner?  Do you do things you know are wrong?  Do you feel guilty?  The answer to all these questions should be "yes."

Do you need a Savior?  Do you want to avoid spending eternity apart from God?  Again, the answer to these questions should be "yes."

If you want a promise and a hope unlike any any human can give you, if you want to be in Heaven after you pass away please say these simple words, either aloud or in your heart  (God knows):

Dear Jesus, I know I am a sinner.  I know I need You.  Please forgive me for my sins and come into my heart.  Jesus, thank You for dying on the cross, for sacrificing Your life, to save mine.  Thank You for Your promise of eternal life with You and Your Father in Heaven.  Amen.

See?  It's very simple.  Let me give you this warning:  Becoming a Christian doesn't make you perfect.  You will still sin and you will fail.  But you can go to Jesus and ask him to forgive you each and every time.  He won't turn you away.  Jesus forgives us an unlimited amount of times.  However, when He lives in our hearts we strive to live for Him.  It's really not that hard.

While when you confess your sins and ask Jesus to be for Savior takes affect immediately, the change is not necessarily instantaneous.  Even though I have been a Christian over half my life I still have sins with which I struggle.  You'll find that when you spend time reading the Bible and in prayer life will be more peaceful.  We are not guaranteed lack of trials or pain.  We are, however, guaranteed comfort from the Comforter.

If you'd like Biblical references in regards to the things I've told you, let me know.  I'll lead you down the Roman road.

Please let me know if you come to know Jesus as Your Savior.  I will be able to pray for and with you.  And will I ever rejoice at the expansion of the Kingdom!!